Friday, 31 July 2009

Majlis Malam Berbedak & Berinai Diana - 30.07.09

Last night was Diana's Majlis Malam Berbedak & Berinai. The event started around 8.45pm. D looked very beautiful in her red baju songket and pink Jongsarat. There were lots of people yang "membadaki" including Izati n myself. I was busy taking pix of D when her cuz suddenly suruh Izati to "membadaki". Jangan buang peluang ler..ehehe..

Putting on the "Ayam-ayam"

AJK Souvenirs

Izati pun ikut "membadaki"

Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Satnyt Out in BSB

Last Satnyt we all went to Bandar to see the gerai2 jualan in conjunction with His Majesty's 63rd birthday. We went abit late around 10pm but there were still alot of people and rambang jua mata meliat all the jualan2 in each stalls. Lagipun kan mendulur hubby membeli his "Sotong Tutuk". First we went to the stalls yang berjual outside the Padang SOAS before moving on to the main location next to Tamu Selera.

Stalls along Padang SOAS

Buying Dani his balloon

Posing infront of the giant clock

Suasana malam in BSB

Iski dengan Sotong Tutuk nya


Monday, 27 July 2009

New Fruit in Family Tree

Can't wait to have my own

Siti Norsyadikin binti Hasrun

Welcome to the world and welcome to the family little one. Last 24th July 2009, my cuz Rose gave birth to her second child..a cute, healthy baby girl named Siti Norsyadikin a.k.a Ekin (hope i got her spelling right..hehe). Ekin was born Friday morning at 6.56am and weighed 2.4Kg. She has an older brother, Hazim who is 4 years old.

Friday, 24 July 2009

Majlis Akad Nikah Diana & Diyamin 24.07.09

CONGRATZ to my dearest friend Diana on her majlis pernikahan with Diyamin (now HUBBY!!) this afternoon..heheh..Lena, Izati and me went in one car to her house, save parking space was a scorching hot day, nasib baik la ada kana pasang kipas outside, cool jua. Diana looked lovely in her white baju nikah..mestilah lawa ryt cos ia are some random shots taken during the event.

Diana in makeup

The Pink Pelamin

(L to R): Lena, Izati, Nana & Me

my bestfriend Tikah

Exchange of Wedding Rings

Mr. & Mrs. Diyamin

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Mumin's Birth Day!!!

Hey everyone..been a while since I last updated my blog. nway, last 18th July we celebrated Mumin's birthday at Spaghettini, Empire Hotel. Very posh place. We came around 7.30pm, parked at Li Gong restaurant and walked all the way up to the main hotel building..heheh..saja kan jalan jauh atu..all of us usual brady bunch except for the birthday boy who came very late..hmmm ;p

smart hubby atu eh..heehee
berseri2 bakal pengantin ani

Arif & Mas strike a pose

The dress code was smart casual. So meaning no t-shirts or short pants whatsoever. If not, i dont think the management would let u in..but polo shirts is ok .The place is very dim though, romantic gitu..

Bacaan doa by hubs


my Spaghetti with meatballs & tomato

Open Raviolli

Dinner started with bacaan doa by hubs. The food was great. Hubs ordered the chef's recommendation..Open Raviolli..never thought a dish that much can make u so full. After dinner, we all santai2 abit before Izati signaled the waiter to bring out Mumin's cake. Cheh, mcm tau ja kami kan surprise kan cake..hahaha..


posing with the birthday cake

Batah jua kan duduk ani eh

Artist of d the Spotlight!!


Free Style!!!

siapa nada nah...???

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Jalan2 Tepi Pantai

It's 15th July is His Majesty's 63rd Birthday and a public holiday. The day started off rainy in the morning but towards the afternoon, panas cia. I decided to ikut Ijah to the beach..saja kan membawa c-Dani, hub's nephew yg belabih ah..umur baru 1 yr+ tapi belabih... he really loves watching promo Brunei about drugs "NDA" atu..u ask him "biskita mau dadah?" n he'll answer, "nda!" cute..4 sum reason his fav word is "ochoo ochoo", i don't know why..hehe..he refers anything as "ochoo ochoo". First kami round to Pantai Serasa. Look at Dani's expression when he saw the beach..excited berabis!!! hahaha. But Serasa nda ramai org so we decided to go to Muara Beach..fuhhh..ramainya org..parking ani sampai luar simpang bah. Luckily we managed to find a parking spot inside the compound.

"ochoo ochoo"

excited jua..nda sabar2 kan keluar..hehe

mcm poster "Rock Band" ler

Dani & proud parents

tebalik ni..ur suppose to slide down Dani

ani baru lurus nah


Nasib baik we all sempat masuk kereta cos after that it suddenly started to rain heavily..