Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Chinese New Year 2010 NBT Display

Chinese New Year fell on 14th February 2010. As usual NBT did a great job on creating CNY display on their showroom hill. Hubs and me pun nda jua mau ketinggalan take pictures. This year marks the year of the Tiger.

good kitty...

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Diana's 28th Birthday @ Seasons

Last 7th February we celebrated Diana's 28th birthday at Seasons restaurant, Gadong. The new refurbished place was like..WOW!!! The minute hubs and I stepped out of the elevator, I was like,"Am I at the right place??" Seasons is now spacious, new white tiles, new tables and chairs..nice ambience. Anyway, the usual casts were there. Lama dah kami nda jumpa. Kira ani our first gathering in 2010 lah..

tidak ketinggalan..d poco-poco dance

hmm..whose birthday is cumin up ah?

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Babu's 54th Birthday

30th January - we celebrated a belated birthday for Babu at home. Actually her birthday was on 11th Jan but since everyone was bz so we decided to celebrate it late.

Babu blindfolded before we surprised her with her cake

SURPRISE!! Besawnye kek babu ah

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

RTB Media Carnival 2010

RTB organized their annual RTB Media Carnival in conjunction with the Anugerah RTB (RTB Awards) last 27th-31st January 2010. Venue was at the International Convention Centre (ICC), Berakas. The carnival was also held together with Sunlit Advertising's Consumer Fair part 5, so u can imagine the crowd that came to visit at ICC. I was stationed at the gift redemption counter during the 5 days carnival. So tiring wooo but siuk jua cos u get to see lots of people as our counter was at the main entrance of ICC.

view from our counter..entrance to RTB Carnival

One of the main attractions from Sunlit..the Winter Wonderland. I managed to enter on the 1st day opening before ramai org..hehe..tenang ja bgambar. Tickets were priced B$1.00 for adults and B$0.50 for children, so ramailah yg q up to go inside.

For those of u fans of drama Nur Kasih, which is on air everynight on RTB2 at 9.10pm, jgn jealous ha..hehe..i admit i've never watched the drama before this but I knew the actresses in the drama. So when I heard they were coming for a meet the fans session, I couldn't help but ikut jua berasak just to get a pic with them. The next morning, turned out to be they had an interview with Rampai Pagi. This time I was lucky dpt gambar sorang2 with both of them..hehe..after that I started watching the drama too..hahaha

DJ Sasha of Kristal FM

our veteran actress Pg Hjh Maskuin a.k.a Bu ajah Kayah as known to most people for her character in dramas from the 1980's to early 1990's

Hj Rais Baneh or Liau Badar for his character in dramas. He would be the spouse of Bu Ajah Kayah

another 1 of our actress Hajah Kasum..too bad her spouse in dramas cKudil was not around that time.

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Kamal & Rafiah Sanding 24.01.2010

Today awal bangun eh cos Kamal kan bersanding. I got up around 8.00am, 5hrs sleep saja cos smlm ahir tidur. Here are some pix from the event.

Cuz Ayang & niece Sara

Kamal getting ready to leave for the bersanding ceremony at the Scout's building in Beribi, Gadong