Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Pantai Danau

It was a fun weekend last Sunday. We went to visit my uncle who lives in Kg Danau, Tutong. It's been a while since our last visit there. Nasib jua cuz Jojo n Amoi pun ada so nda jua me sunyi..heheh..we went around noon and stopped by Tutong town for lunch before heading to Danau.

Pitstop for lunch in Tutong

@ the beach behind uncle's house

group photo before balik rumah..maghrib x ah

Monday, 5 April 2010

March Events

Wah..lama dah nda update blog..i'll make this short & simple..congratz to my aunt Azrinah a.k.a Jojo on her wedding to Mr Abdul Mutalib last 7th March 2010. Their solemnization ceremony took place at the Al-Ameerah Al Hajah Maryam mosque in Jerudong. She looked very lovely in her silver dress. Not the usual white attire couples usually wear on their solemnization ceremony.

Few of the hantaran for the groom

Nikah or solemnization ceremony taking place

The wedding reception was held a week later on 14th March at LR Asma Hotel, Jerudong. The color theme for the men were blue and ladies wore brown.

With their parents

18th March 2010 - Congratz to my other aunt Sri Maizan on her engagement which also happened to be her birthday jua that day. so yeayyy...double celebration..I heard the wedding is planned for June next year..can't wait

26th March 2010 - Also congratz to a family friend Ak.Hj Saiful Amirul Iskandar on his wedding to Roziana. Iskandar is also first cousins with my aunt Jojo..kira cousins wedding in the same month la ni..hehe..Their nikah ceremony also took place at the Al-Ameerah Al Hajah Maryam mosque, while Iskandar's wedding reception was held at the Jerudong Park Polo Club on 28th March 2010.
Tahniah to all three..semoga berbahagia hingga ke akhir hayat