Monday, 22 March 2010

Singapore Trip - Final day

This morning I woke up very the early at 6am cos Ejah, Amit & me kan go for our early shopping at Mustafa's again. After having breakfast, we went down to the Royal Plaza Hotel, tumpang sekaki skajap jadi hotel guests..hehe..cos senang dpt taxi. While waiting for the taxi, sempat la snap2 pix here and there at the hotel lobby.

Royal Plaza on Scotts hotel

After from Mustafa, we headed back to the apartment for unloading barang. Around 11am, me, Ejah & Sakinah went shopping again to ION & Wheelock Place. I didn't buy much this time cos I was saving money kan shopping at the airport later. We were done by 1.30pm..ada masa lagi for rest before we leave at 6pm since our flight is at 9.45pm.

Leaving a farewell message to our host for her kind hospitality

byknya our luggages..altogether there were 17 luggages

at Changi Airport dah..

with the Formula 1 car..again..hehe

phew..what a's been a memorable trip this time cos i got to go places i've never been to on my first trip..if ada rezeki lagi nanti, i'd love to go & visit Singapore again..

Monday, 15 March 2010

Singapore Trip - Day 3

3rd day in Singapore..awal pagi udah amit banguni kami cos today we were going to Geylang. I was quite excited myself cos this is also my first visit to Geylang. Friends had told me siuk shopping in Geylang esp now it has been renovated. And they were so true about this shopping pun mcm nda ingat dunia lagi..hahaha..bought alot of stuffs here and I managed to buy myself 2 pasang kain for Thongga's (hub's cuzen) wedding in May.

New Geylang Serai..ground floor is the supermarket..lotsa spices and floor sells varieties of clothes and accessories and also a food court

Geylang food very clean

background of Geylang Serai

After from Geylang, we headed back to the apartment to freshen up before we continue our shopping in Orchard area. Our first stop was at Tangs..Sale sign was everywhere and I couldn't resist the temptation just looking at the branded bags with sale tags on them ;p hahaha..I bought 4 handbags for myself; GUESS, Paris Hilton, Perrilini and my first Bonia! Total price of the four handbags..hehe..swipe credit card ler jawabnya..heehee

Next we went to Takashimaya across the street. On the way to Taka we passed by Wisma Atria and saw lots of people writing on this big sign "Real Love Works". Dengan perasaan ingin tahu, we went closer. Skali this lady suddenly gave us highlight pens and told us to write our names and loved ones anywhere on the sign. Panya they were promoting about love since February is a LOVE month. So dgn iskinya I took a green pen and tulis both nama hubby and mine. Nda puashati, I wrote another with a pink pen..hehe..mau jua 2x melakar sejarah atu..

Infront of Takashimaya

after from Taka, planning kan pigi Mustafa again to buy hub's Arsenal jacket yg menjadi igauan nya since we got back from Kuching..but we were too tired after a day's walk so we decided to go early the next morning..lagipun Mustafa is 24hrs so confirm ia buka awal pagi..

Thursday, 11 March 2010

Singapore Trip..Day 2..cont..

It was almost 2pm when we were done sightseeing at barutah terasa lapar so we zoomed to Bencoolen and met up with ngah Jumat who was already there earlier. We ate at this restaurant (sorry..i forgot the name of the place), nyaman2 the food (kes lapar so semua pun nyaman..heehee) but sygnya it was abit hot..couldn't feel the aircond at all so I was sweating while eating lunch.

otw to Bencoolen

i find this fascinating so I took a pic

After lunch, we then went shopping at Bugis Junction..this is also my first time at Bugis area. Didn't really shop much here..ntahla, d stuff nda byk berkenan dihati..aiseh..

Time was 4pm Ejah n me got out from Bugis. We took a cab to Far East Plaza cos I wanted to find shoes there..but sygnya nada cos shoes my size were sold out..hmmph..this is the 2nd time I got disappointed..tadi at Bugis pun nda jua ada my size..haiyaa..5pm, we walked back to the apartment which was behind Royal Plaza hotel. Ejah n I decided to freshen up and rest abit first before we go out to ION Orchard..kaki pun mau rehat bah..

at ION Orchard

background of ION taken from Wheelock Place

Monday, 8 March 2010

Singapore Trip - Day 2..Sentosa

8.00am - amit woke us dah morning ka? rasanya baru jua it's already morning. Nway, after I was done showering, I went downstairs to join Ejah and Amit who were already having breakfast. Time was almost 10am when everyone was ready to go..hmm..kan awal konon..hehe..we had to take 2 cabs since there were 7 of us..Sentosa, here we come..

Good AM Singapore..view from our bedroom

dah sampai dah @ Sentosa Underwater World

spesis stingray

King Crab anyone??

we didn't catch the dolphins show but we managed to watch the seals' performance. Really loved the way the seals follow orders from their cute ehh..

After from Underwater World, we took the Blue Line bus and toured around Sentosa abit and stopped at Imbiah, I experienced the Luge & Skyride..siuk berabis that we bought another ticket for a 2nd ride..hehe..


ready for Luge's like go-cart and motorcycle handles combined, but instead of accelerator & brake pedals, u push the handle to move forward and pull the handle to stop. And the track is one very long track tapi siuk cos it's downhill most of the way so...wheeeeee...

After playing Luge, we went on the Skyride..nasihat kepada yg takut heights..jgntah naik..hehe..the view is so amazing from above..rugi if u close ur eyes


2nd ride on the skyride

Peacock on the loose

After half a day at Sentosa, our next destination is to Bugis...