Wednesday, 1 September 2010

UK Trip 16.07.2010

Apologies for the very very late update. Lama nda update blog cos been busy these past few months. Mana lagi STRESSSSS with work yang nda pandai tuhus..hmm..but anyways that's not what I'm gonna about here. Entry this time is to keep my promise about our UK trip last July because we wanted to visit my brother who is studying in Liverpool.

16th July 2010..Friday afternoon around 3pm was our scheduled flight to Kuala Lumpur. We went to UK using Malaysia Airlines so we had to transit in KL first before taking another flight to London. We had booked our tickets in February from Ken Travel. RBA tickets were already expensive by that time, luckily we got a cheaper rate using Malaysia Airlines (well B$1000+ nda plg murah but atleast dapat la save a few hundred dollars).

Our family went to see us off at the airport. Sepeninggalan kami sekeluarga, our house dijaga oleh my uncle who lives behind our house. We arrived at the airport around 12pm because check in baggage counter closed 1hour before flight. Sudah sampai di airport we found out that flight to KL was flight time was at 4pm..o well atleast we only have 5hrs to kill in KL while waiting for our next flight to UK at 11pm..hehe..yea..5hrs transit in KLIA..i wonder what we could do in 5hrs. Rasanya if kan go out to KL nda jua dapat cos it takes 1hr drive from KLIA to KL city centre. So our only choice was to stay in KLIA.

Family sending us off at Brunei International Airport

Boarding MAS Airline aircraft

After arriving at KLIA around 6pm, we went to the transfer counter to confirm our next flight to London. Nasib ada relative bapa who is also my ex-classmate's father (masa zaman high school musical dulu..eheh) going on the same flight to UK. So we decided to stick together with him. Lagipun he's been to London a few times cos anak2nya mostly studying there so he knows the way around Heathrow airport. Unlike us, this was our first time there so we really needed someone who can guide us.

At the transfer counter a situation happened. The counter lady interviewed my sister some questions regarding our flight ticket and all and when she asked how many bags we checked in from Brunei, my sis jawablah 3 bags. But the counter lady stated that there were 4 bags checked in her system..huh?? 4 bags? Dari mana lagi dtgnya the extra bag? Panic la skajap cos we knew we checked in only 3 bags so how come their system stated four? Bila we checked our stickers for baggage claim, true enough there was 1 extra sticker..cana buleh nda perasan masa di Brunei ah? My sis panic udah cos all our bags were checked in under her name. The counter lady wasn't really helping too. She insisted that she can drop one bag from the system as long as we know which bag number to drop. The problem was kami pun nda tau which sticker was the extra sticker bag. Counter lady atu lagi cerita that this thing usually happen and ditakuti the extra bag belonged to someone else and contained “illegal stuff”. Now that's scary enough to hear and we really hoped it was nothing at all like that.

By that time me panas hati udah cos I just remembered that during check in at Brunei airport, the lady at the check-in counter was sooo “BUSY” chit-chatting with her friend on the phone while keying in data for our bags. Nda cukup atu after hanging up with her friend, ia sibuk jua melayan cerita kawannya sebelah counter. Gerenti at this point she thought she had printed out 3 stickers when infact she printed out 4 stickers..merepek kan..because of her, we got into this sticky situation. Pasal ia, our transit in KL jadi nda nyaman. I mean nda jua siuk kan jln2 if ati ingau ryt..our only solution was to grab our bags ASAP udah sampai in London and then chow. I tried my best to enjoy our transit time cos I really didn't want to think stressful stuff. I didnt want to spoil the first half of my UK trip just because of someone else's mistake although jauh disudut hati ani gundah gulana.

To kill time, my bro Adam, hubby and I went round2 KLIA. I forgot kami di terminal mana satu..hehe..pokoknya basarlah terminal atu..puas round2 buang masa. Abis kadai2nya me masuk window shopping..yelah, kan shopping berabis pun nda jua dpt cos hajat sebenar was to go to UK. Last2 we chilled at Starbucks minum coffee blended sambil online update status at FB. My dad and his cousin duduk “mengupi” at one of the cafe's since we landed in KL. At their age, duduk mengupi and catching up with each other lagi siuk as a way to kill time. My mom went with my sister.

Chill at Starbucks

my dad and uncle sedang mengupi

Around 10pm, we all gathered together to get ready for boarding. By this time I was already feeling sleepy but excited at the same time. In 12 hours we’ll be arriving di bumi UK..yeaa..Our flight got delayed again by 40mins. We texted my brother to remind him to fetch us at Heathrow. I slept most of the time since it was really a long flight. Kept fidgeting too cos there wasn’t really enough space when ur in economy..hehe..When I was awake, I watched the in-flight movie. I think I must have watched about 4 movies straight..mcm movie marathon la pulak..hehe..
otw kan boarding

The best thing was I got to see the sunrise when we were flying over Brussels..Sky la sikit cos biasa liat sunset jer..kekeke..After what seemed like forever, the pilot suddenly announced that we would be landing at Heathrow airport in 30mins. Sempat la ke lavatory to freshen up. Finally, the airplane wheels touched down smoothly and we have arrived in London.

Once we got out of the aircraft, we went through immigrations. Sorry to say, abit kurang haja lah durang ani. Nasib ada uncle yang help answered questions since we told the lady that kami travelling in a group. After that, we all rushed to retrieve our bags. Once dapat all 3 bags, tarus chow. Lagipun my friend pernah told me that if lambat keluar, there will be sniffer dogs to sniff at luggages, takut2 ada illegal stuff kana pack. Lapas sja go thru the “Nothing to declare” sign, we finally stepped out into the arrival hall of was like fast motion.

I set my time 7hrs back, so that meant it was 6.45am UK time and 1.45pm in Brunei. We looked for my brother tapi he was nowhere. Aii..mcm mana ni org yg spatutnya menyambut kami alum dtg ani. Uncle patiently waited with us and his daughter. They were heading off to Nottingham tarus while we would be staying in London for 2 nights before going off to Paris on the 3rd day.

About 15mins waiting, bayang2 my bro pun alum jua nampak2..hmmm…my mom was getting upset already..manalah anak atu…?

Thursday, 29 July 2010

Juz Tellin

Remember I mentioned that I couldn't wait for our big trip a few months back..well I didn't have the time to announce the destination then and now I'm back from THE VACATION!! Anyways, my whole family went to UK last 16th-26th July 2010 to visit my brother who is studying in Liverpool. Whole family as in both my parents, sister, youngest brother & beloved hubby.
This is actually our first trip to UK and it's Summer time there. Took a lot of pix and videos. Full details will be updated in my next entry. Sediakan sja kaki utk bjalan sana cos there's really alot of interesting places u wanna visit. I started buying Pound notes since January..tunggu ia turun then baru beli..hehe..but towards kan dakat2 hari belayar atu makin naik tia pounds ah..hmm..lucky already tukar awal. I also bought Euros since we planned to have a day trip to Paris..
So i'll be posting each entries by part or episodes..hehe..stay tuned...

Thursday, 1 July 2010

June Birthdays

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE JUNE BABIES!!! Which includes ME!! hehe..

Kicking off..chewah..mcm bula tah plg..hehe..mentang2 musim World Cup ;p..was Izati who turned 2?th last 10th June. We celebrated her birthday on 12th June at Charcoal while watching World Cup match that night.

Up next was Diyamin's birthday. Another June baby born on 16th June. This time we celebrated his birthday at Airport Restaurant.

The Grand Finale was MY birthday 25th June...yippee!! We tried the new restaurant in Gadong called Grazie Mauri..adik beradik with Villa Mauri..again while watching World Cup match. Can't remember siapa berlawan that night.

Thanx to all the gang yang dtg celebrated with us..

Monday, 28 June 2010

My Bro-In-Law's Engagement 06.06.2010

Congratulations to my brother inlaw Haji Shawal on his engagement to Syamimi last 6th June 2010. Quite a hectic month for me, starting from hub's nephew's wedding early May..hub's cuzen end of May and then my bro inlaw's engagement..phew!! The wedding is planned for early March next year..9 months to go..

All smile with the engagement hantaran

Thursday, 17 June 2010

Majlis Perkahwinan Thongga & Nana 30.05.2010

Congratz to hub's cousin Thongga and his wife Nana on their wedding last 30th May 2010. The occasion lasted 3 days 3 nights..phew..very tiring but fun cos all us cousins kumpul2 together. nway, here are a few pix from the wedding yang sempat di upload.

28.05.2010 Majlis Pernikahan - theme color Black

29.05.2010 Majlis Malam Berbedak - Purple

30.05.2010 Majlis Persandingan at UBD Chancellor Hall - theme color was maroon. Memories of our wedding at UBD suddenly came to my mind

30.05.2010 Majlis Malam Ambil-ambilan

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Julrahiman & Nadhirah's Big Day

Congratz to hub's nephew Julrahiman aka Maman & his wife Dirah on their wedding 2nd May 2010. Quite a hectic weekend cos Maman lives in Perpindahan Lumapas which is quite far from our place. Anyways, enjoy the pix..

dah sah laki bini dgn skali lafaz

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Pantai Danau

It was a fun weekend last Sunday. We went to visit my uncle who lives in Kg Danau, Tutong. It's been a while since our last visit there. Nasib jua cuz Jojo n Amoi pun ada so nda jua me sunyi..heheh..we went around noon and stopped by Tutong town for lunch before heading to Danau.

Pitstop for lunch in Tutong

@ the beach behind uncle's house

group photo before balik rumah..maghrib x ah

Monday, 5 April 2010

March Events

Wah..lama dah nda update blog..i'll make this short & simple..congratz to my aunt Azrinah a.k.a Jojo on her wedding to Mr Abdul Mutalib last 7th March 2010. Their solemnization ceremony took place at the Al-Ameerah Al Hajah Maryam mosque in Jerudong. She looked very lovely in her silver dress. Not the usual white attire couples usually wear on their solemnization ceremony.

Few of the hantaran for the groom

Nikah or solemnization ceremony taking place

The wedding reception was held a week later on 14th March at LR Asma Hotel, Jerudong. The color theme for the men were blue and ladies wore brown.

With their parents

18th March 2010 - Congratz to my other aunt Sri Maizan on her engagement which also happened to be her birthday jua that day. so yeayyy...double celebration..I heard the wedding is planned for June next year..can't wait

26th March 2010 - Also congratz to a family friend Ak.Hj Saiful Amirul Iskandar on his wedding to Roziana. Iskandar is also first cousins with my aunt Jojo..kira cousins wedding in the same month la ni..hehe..Their nikah ceremony also took place at the Al-Ameerah Al Hajah Maryam mosque, while Iskandar's wedding reception was held at the Jerudong Park Polo Club on 28th March 2010.
Tahniah to all three..semoga berbahagia hingga ke akhir hayat