Thursday, 29 July 2010

Juz Tellin

Remember I mentioned that I couldn't wait for our big trip a few months back..well I didn't have the time to announce the destination then and now I'm back from THE VACATION!! Anyways, my whole family went to UK last 16th-26th July 2010 to visit my brother who is studying in Liverpool. Whole family as in both my parents, sister, youngest brother & beloved hubby.
This is actually our first trip to UK and it's Summer time there. Took a lot of pix and videos. Full details will be updated in my next entry. Sediakan sja kaki utk bjalan sana cos there's really alot of interesting places u wanna visit. I started buying Pound notes since January..tunggu ia turun then baru beli..hehe..but towards kan dakat2 hari belayar atu makin naik tia pounds ah..hmm..lucky already tukar awal. I also bought Euros since we planned to have a day trip to Paris..
So i'll be posting each entries by part or episodes..hehe..stay tuned...

Thursday, 1 July 2010

June Birthdays

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE JUNE BABIES!!! Which includes ME!! hehe..

Kicking off..chewah..mcm bula tah plg..hehe..mentang2 musim World Cup ;p..was Izati who turned 2?th last 10th June. We celebrated her birthday on 12th June at Charcoal while watching World Cup match that night.

Up next was Diyamin's birthday. Another June baby born on 16th June. This time we celebrated his birthday at Airport Restaurant.

The Grand Finale was MY birthday 25th June...yippee!! We tried the new restaurant in Gadong called Grazie Mauri..adik beradik with Villa Mauri..again while watching World Cup match. Can't remember siapa berlawan that night.

Thanx to all the gang yang dtg celebrated with us..