Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Yasmeen Waizah & Amirul Hadi

Congratz to Mayang (hub's cuz) n family on their 4th baby..a babygurl. They named her Yasmeen Waizah..i hope i got the spelling ryt..heheh..Yasmeen was born 23rd Nov 2009 thru czer and weighed 2.49kg at birth. She has an elder sis Wafa and 2 brothers Firshan n Iman.

Yasmeen Waizah

After we visited Mayang at ward 14, hubs n I went to ward 2 cos we heard hub's nephew baby Amirul Hadi was admitted. Hadi got a high fever and had to be admitted. Kesian me liat Hadi's hand kana cucuk2 needles.

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Lina & Bismi Mulih 7 Hari

Right after from Zatul's wedding, we sent Erna home and then balik cos kan freshen up to go to Lina's Mulih 7 hari in Lambak. Lina looked very beautiful in her ala-ala sari gown but made of kain songket. I really love her makeup, macam Barbie doll..hehe..

Ambil kesempatan posing at Lina's pelamin while waiting for the other families to come. Around 3.30pm barutah we all walked to the groom's house which is 6 houses away.

Saturday, 21 November 2009

Zatul & Hashim Weds 08.11.09

CONGRATZ!!! to my friends Zatul & Hashim on their wedding 8th Nov 2009 at Grand Caesar Ballroom, Orchid Garden Hotel. Finally they tied the knot after 8 years of zaman bercinta..aiseh..heheh..lama kan. Pandai kamu pilih date ah..8hb jua..ehehe..their nikah day was 6th Nov, ngam on Zatul's birthday. but i couldn't attend since i went to Fizah's engagement. Zatul was my classmate since Technical College. If I remembered well, Hashim was our senior back then. Both met thru the famous mIRC, fell in love, got engaged May 2009 and 8th Nov KAWINNN!!!

me & Erna

congratz again dear friends..ur d most sweetest couple ive ever known

Fizah's Engagement Day

Congratulations to my sis' friend Fizah on her engagement last 6th Nov 2009. Abarnya Insya Allah kawin May next year..hehe..nway best of luck and enjoy all the wedding preps nanti.

the engagement ring

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Lina Bersanding 01.11.09

Ke esokkan harinya pulak..majlis bersanding Lina & Bismi. Theme for family was green so u could see green scenery everywhere..camouflage with the plants..hahaha..overrr ehh..

Lina Malam Berbedak 31.10.09

Lina's Majlis Malam Berbedak was held the next night on 31st Oct 2009. I like her make up malam ani cos she looked really different.

touch up sikit

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Lina Nikah 30.10.09

Last weekend hub's cuz Azalina got married to Bismi Syahadat..unik ah namanya..hehe..The event started with their Nikah on 30.10.09. Yang tambah uniknya lagi, the groom lives only 6 houses away from the bride's rombongan pengantin lelaki jalan kaki aje kerumah pengantin perempuan.

rombongan pengantin lelaki

Sunday, 1 November 2009

Malam Silaturrahim Baiduri

Last 10th Oct 2009 we were invited to Baiduri Bank Malam Silaturrahim at Grand Banquet Hall, Empire Hotel. Kira tarus lah jua menyambut Hari Raya. It was worth going cos we were also entertained by 3 artistes from Indonesia. Mcm liat concert ada jua..hehe..before dinner there was opening speech by Baiduri's General Manager and then ada acara memotong pulut kuning by the Guest of Honour. Baiduri staffs then buat persembahan nyanyian..not bad..we really do have talents here. After dinner barutah the 3 artistes performed..mula2 Tommy Ali, a dangdut singer..then came "The Rock Band" incase sum of u don't know..mybe the name Ahmad Dhani ring a bell...last skali it was Mulan Jameela..i couldnt help but scream when the mc announced her name..haha..cos D and Izati nda mau bagitau siapa the artiste at first so i had to wait a long time to find out. Even hubs pun zipped his lips..sheesh..but it was really worth waiting..

Mulan Jameela on screen

October Birthdays


Last 5th Oct we celebrated nini bini's 80th was a surprise for her..mula2 atu ada dikir marhaban and we all took turns tabur bunga rampai arah nini. After that ada bacaan doa selamat and then makan. Last sekali pesta makan durian..


Pada keesokan malam nya we celebrated my sis inlaw Hjh Dillah's birthday. It was a bbq bday, Dillah also cooked spaghetti as an additional menu. Ka Simah (cuz Kai's wife) pun share the same bday so kira double celebration lah. The function turned out meriah cos there was games for the kids and also for adults. Ada lagi unplanned game tu..hmm..mcm2 ada..

Ka Simah & Dillah...share d same birth day but lain tahun


Today we celebrated my colleague's birthday. I was put in charge to buy her cake..last2 I bought a blueberry cheese cake saja..juz cos she likes blue..hehe..nyaman x ah..courtesy from Mum's Bakery. Kami pesta mkn nasi briyani dibelanja oleh yg birthday


Alat 2 days we celebrated Ajin's birthday plg. We bought him a Blackforest ManU cake since he's a big fan of Manchester United. Also from Mum's Bakery..Gumbira bukan kepalang lagi ia..liat tah senyum nya yang lebar we all makan "berdayung"..ambuyat lah..


Another 2 days later celebrate bday Ka Dk Fatimah..let's just say that whole week kami pesta birthday lah..every 2 days makan free..hehehe..kanyang jua perut..ari ani ada satay, kaichok and also sup sayur

Well that's all the birthday fest for October..meriahnyer October this year..hehe..byk bdays.